Career Advice: Vera Wang

A lesson learned or two from Vera Wang.

1. It’s not just about what you design, it is who you dress.

2. Timing is everything

Even though her preference was for sportswear, the opportunity in fashion in the late ’80s-early ’90s was eveningwear and bridal because those were big, expensive show-stopping pieces in the spirit of Christian Lacroix. Now, Wang says, in this era of Theory and Topshop, she’d probably do the reverse and start with contemporary, everyday clothes.

3. Luck helps too: It’s better to be lucky than smart.

4. Nothing is new in fashion; its about how you reintepret it.

There are only so many ways a garment can be sewn to be functional and flattering, Wang says. The challenge for the designers is to twist it and make it their own.

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Purely Fabulous…Rene, Lalique

Rene Lalique 1860-1945 . Renowned Jeweler and glass designer. Born in Ay, Marne, France. Lalique studied drawing in Paris from 1876 to 1881. He worked as a goldsmith and spent some years in London before returning to Paris. Lalique opened his own company in 1885 designing and manufacturing jewelry which he sold to Boucheron, CARTIER and other French jewelry companies. In 1891 he created stage jewelry for actress Sarah Bernhardt. In the 1900’s in Paris he achieved considerable success with his ART NOUVEAU jewelry designs. From 1895 Lalique’s distinctive, sinuous style usually incorporated human forms with natural and symbolic motifs. Famous for both his glass and Jewelry, Lalique was a prolific worker, crafting lavish designs onto rich a materials.  Lalique is one of the most influential jewelry designers known to the fashion/accessories industry.

Designer 3D sunglasses? Really?

So I have been reading lately and I have noticed that some of the major designers are coming out with Designer 3D sunglasses. Why? Do people really need $300 dollar designer sunglasses to watch a 3D movie? What do you guys think of that? What designers did this? well Gucci and Armani are the first two but Ray-Ban has been rumored to have a pair in the works as well.

Funky and Fresh meet FURIO Apparel

FURIO Apparel is a funky and fresh take on Fashion. After looking at their site I was completely intrigued and thought I had to post something about them! I like their concept and what the company is about! The pictures below are from their site. Meet FURIO Apparel.

FURIO is an arts-based luxury brand who values the craft of
an artist’s hand and intelligent design. FURIO is an independent ready-to-wear women’s line that is driven by innovation. We strive to educate the customer’s understanding of quality in all capacities pertinent to our design process. By this we instill purpose and value by sharing with our customer the story of each season from conception to completion. Our investment is in our community: artists, craftsmen, and designers. FURIO’s creativity is driven intrinsically by the creator Himself, and we create because we are called to a higher standard of excellence that requires a community of talent to achieve that vision. We risk together so that we can celebrate in our achievement together.

Did you know what a Peg-top skirt is?

I sure didn’t but let me tell you about this fashion trend 1920’s! A pet-top skirt is a skirt that is cut to be very full over the hips and narrow at the ankle. A popular fashion style during the 1920’s it was revived in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s as a style for evening wear.

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Get to know lottiefrank on Etsy

Lottiefrank makes fresh and fun fashion illustrations that are available on Etsy. I find these cute and cheeky!I love the fact that Lottiefrank uses mixed mediums and incorporates different materials into her final pieces I have included her bio below.  But take a look, and let me know what you think!

Lottie Frank illustrations were created by Designer/Illustrator Lucy Claydon in 2007.

Fresh out of university Lucy worked on her own creative projects and exhibited her work in a number of galleries, a few years later Lucy went on to become a graphic designer for an Award Winning Independent Department Store, which is predominantly fashion based – Lucy loves this job as it has developed her skills and with a free reign to create exciting fashion campaigns she can’t complain.

With Illustration still in her heart, in late 2006 Lucy decided to focus on her passion for fashion illustration and has spent many an evening creating her ladies, scribbling down ideas and tearing up magazines for inspiration.
Lucy has numerous notebooks, she likes nothing more than to sit down with a cup of tea or maybe a glass of wine!, get her pen out and start writing. Lucy prefers to write scenarios and words to inspire a story. This then is the foundation of what’s happening in a picture.

Lucy loves the fact that when people view her work they can create there very own stories, they take her work and draw out elements from it that reflect their own lives or they dream of being that stylish girl that has a figure to die for and endless money to live the high life! Her ladies become icons for people to look up too, they give them there own personality and imagine the circles they would mix in and the lavish lifestyle they would lead.