Who Loves Vera Wang………We do!

We certainly think she is a amazing fashion designer, But here are some other celebs that love Vera Wang as well. Featured in http://ht.ly/2QS5D

Just had to share…jkldesign’s from Etsy.com

There is something very unique about Jkldesign’s from Etsy.com. Her use of different mediums allows for multiple perspectives. She is truely passionate about fashion and this shines through her work. To check out more of her designs please use the link below.  I had a hard time choosing what pictures to include below. Mainly because I like almost all of them! Her work is lovely!


Fall Fashion… Throw back to the 50′s

This site is saying that Fall Fashion is a throwback to 50’s trends. http://www.dotsperiod.com/1795/fall-fashion-going-back-to-50s/

So as you are wondering like I surely did, what are the major trends from the 50’s that are back? Well after reading some articles and consulting with google I have found that the major trends are listed next.  Petticoat fabrics, Fuller skirts, Hourglass silhouette, and Bolero Jackets were the major trends of the 50’s. What do you think? Is the style of being feminine back?

You ready for Sexy? VS Preview

I found some really neat illustrations for the VS fashion show that is coming up. Check out the cool illustrations below. You can also find more information at http://www.catwalkqueen.tv/2010/10/preview_victori.html

Just had to share…Purses and Bags

I am obsessed with a quality bag/purse. Like anywhere bags are a necessity for the modern woman. I thought I would share some bags that I found which were featured in this month’s Lucky Magazine. This online article offers  size handbags at different prices. All available to be found at the link below. I have included some visual pictures of some of the bags that I like the most. Enjoy!