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Oct 18 – 24 2010:Fashion Focus supports and promotes fashion designers living and working in Chicago through events, seminars and City programs. Chicag on boasts more than 400 designers

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Did you know…about 1830’s fashion

1830’s fashion is characterized by a focus on breadth (wide range of), initially at the sholulder and later in the hips. This is the opposite of the narrower silhouettes that were the main focus between the 1800’s and 1820’s. Most clothing styles were focusing on larger sleeves,  elaborate hairstyles and large hats.

Some of the general trends between the 1800’s include:  neck ruffs, Ferronieres ( jeweled headbands worn across the forehead) and sleeves based on styles of earlier periods which were popular. During this time period involved roller printing was used on textiles used in new dress fabrics. There was a use of rich colors, and delicate floral prints. The clothing moved away from printing dark outlines on printed designs.

Michelle Obama… Moving the fashion markets?

Check out this lovely slideshow. I found this really interesting. Michelle Obama has a big impact on fashion stocks currently in the market. Just based on this slideshow, I think she could be considered the new Jackie O of Presidential fashion trends.