Purely Fabulous…Rene, Lalique

Rene Lalique 1860-1945 . Renowned Jeweler and glass designer. Born in Ay, Marne, France. Lalique studied drawing in Paris from 1876 to 1881. He worked as a goldsmith and spent some years in London before returning to Paris. Lalique opened his own company in 1885 designing and manufacturing jewelry which he sold to Boucheron, CARTIER and other French jewelry companies. In 1891 he created stage jewelry for actress Sarah Bernhardt. In the 1900’s in Paris he achieved considerable success with his ART NOUVEAU jewelry designs. From 1895 Lalique’s distinctive, sinuous style usually incorporated human forms with natural and symbolic motifs. Famous for both his glass and Jewelry, Lalique was a prolific worker, crafting lavish designs onto rich a materials.  Lalique is one of the most influential jewelry designers known to the fashion/accessories industry.

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