Exclusive…. It’s Here… Check out Lavins new line for H&M

We told you about Lavins new collection with H&M! Were excited to share the new Lookbook that was released today for the collaboration.


First Ladies, Queens, and Princess of Style

We Love this post on the first ladies, Queens, Princess of Style So thank you Vogue Italia! Check out the link below for the lovely slides of some of the most well known and fashionable royal and first ladies of our time.

Ive included some photos I have found of the ladies that are featured in this post from Vogue Italia.

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Vivienne Westwood and the 80′s

Vivienne Westwood, (1941-)Born Vivienne Isabel Swire in Glossop, Derbyshire, England. She became a prominent fashion figure in the 1980’s. Westwood brought modern punk and new wave fashion to the forefront of our lives in the 80’s. Westwood was key at taking historical 17th and 18th century cloth cutting principles and reinterpreting them. Westwoods designs in 2008 were at the forefront of a little film adaptation from the popular tv series called Sex and The City.

More information about Vivienne Westwood can be found below.


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