Visual search for High Fashion…Will it take off?

Interesting story on finding stuff online from High Fashion Collections.

An invite to a press event Wednesday has sparked speculation that Google will apply its newly-purchased assets to help consumers buy clothing they see online and in person this holiday season.


For more information check out the link below.

My Polyvore picks… The Classic trench Coat.

Everybody should have a quality and classic trench coat in their closet. Here are my picks  from I also choose a wide price range on these jackets. Enjoy!

Please also note I am a huge fan of color, but for a trench I believe a classic color like Black or Brown is typically the way to go.

Get to know…PeggyWolfDesign on

PeggyWolfDesign is a lovely illustrator out of London. I really enjoy  her use of collage in her pieces. I have included her bio below. Check her out!

I’ve been born in Germany where I have studied Fashion Design for five years. Soon I found out that I was more interested in drawing women and their clothes, rather than designing Fashion.
After my graduation in 2004, I’ve worked for different companies such as an Art Gallery, a Trend-Consulting company and as a freelance illustrator for magazines.
Two years later I felt that I needed a change of scenery, people and design. After a short visit in London, I knew this would be my new place. I started to work in a new field – Interior Design – which wasn’t planned at all. But I somehow I fell in love with it, as it is a very complex field, where you have to balance and combine so many levels. I mostly liked the wallpapers and furnishing fabrics, which have inspired a lot of my digital collages.
All these different experiences, working for companies in Art and Design, has helped me shaping my work to where it is now. There is an influence from Fashion, Art, Graphic and Interior Design mixed and combined. And I believe this is what makes my work so various and interesting.

My work is partly hand-drawn illustrations on paper and digital collages. The theme of each artwork is a woman surrounded by animals and flowers, with a light fashion appeal and a feminine color palette that is mix matched perfectly. In my collages I love to play with the brilliant contrast of digital art infused with colorful vintage accents, to give my work a bit of an edge and some quirkiness.

Check out her pieces below. You can find them at

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Behind the Seams…The history of Missoni

Missoni originally a Husband – and -wife design Team. Ottavio Missoni (b. 1932, Dalmatia, Italy) and Rosita Jelmini (b. 1932 Varese, Italy) founded the fabulous Missoni Company in 1953. Ottavio had previously owned a firm that made tracksuits and Rosita had worked for her family’s bedding company. With just a few knitting machines, the couple began to produce knitwear which they sold to other designers. By the 1970’s they were manufacturing under their own label highly individual knitwear in bold patterns and designs and cleverly blended colors. They made sweaters, suits, jackets, coats and dresses.  Missoni did much to alter the fashion worlds attitude to knitwear. It is most famous for it’s long cardigan-jackets and sweaters, but all its garments have become status symbols. Lots of celebrities are often seen in Missoni.

Did you know… Antonio Lopez illustrator

Antonio, 1943-87. Illustrator. Born in Antonio Lopez in Puerto Rico. Antonio, was the son of a couturier, who moved to New York at the age of eight. He studied at the High School of Industrial Art and the Fashion Institute of Technology. In the Early 1960’s he worked as a sketch artist on 7th avenue, until in 1964 he met the designer Charles James, who influenced his work. Antonio worked with James drawing all the designer clothes for a number of years. In the 1970s he moved to Paris France where he became a established Fashion illustrator on both sides of the Atlantic. His clever drawing of sculptured women are positive, vital and modern. His style is highly distinctive: Bold, sweeping brush strokes show both garments and accessories in clear, attentive detail. This close attention in no way slows down the pace of his illustrations. Antonio helped create the return of forgotten art of fashion illustration in magazines. He was highly influential to many younger artists such as

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Behind the Trend…The Turban

A turban is a long scarf of fine linen, cotton or silk worn around the head in a wound fashion. Turbans are typically worn by Muslim and Sikh men. In the early 20th century, Paul poiret featured turbans with orientally inspired harem pants and tunics, made of lavish fabrics and exotically decorated. From 1910 to 1920 the turban became a popular hat style, reconstructed by milliners into the slightly pointed shape which fashion is familiar with. In later decades, the turban became briefly popular for day and evening wear, notably in the 1930s, 1960s and 1980s.

The New York times recently stated that the turban is making a comback. What do you think?