1970s…DVF and the wrap dress

 The climax of what was considered “American Ingenuity” came in the form of DVF’s 1970s wrap dress.  While the idea of the wrap dress was not new, DVF’s wrap dress is a trend that we still cherish today.  From the 1930s-70s designers were re-thinking fashion to its very roots.  Designers like McCardell liberated American fashion from Parisian design.  This new independence came in the form of tying, wrapping, eschewing, as well as 1970s fabrics and colors, which were generally brighter, bolder, and more synthetic (and stretchy) than the early examples to which the silhouette and design principle are indebted.

Source: Diane Von Furstenberg: Wrap dress (1997.487) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

you can find DVF’s new fall collection of wrap dress at her website


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