Disco and the 1970’s

Discotheques emerged in the 1960’s prompted by excessive style. In the 1970’s disco fashion had become a acceptable for day as well as evening wear.  US Designers such as Stephen Burrows, Betsey Johnson and Norma Kamali produced clothes which adapted to, or were designed specifically for disco dancing. Disco wear commonly included leotards, t shirts, shorts and stretch jeans….

Did you know…The history behind Cashmere

Cashmere is made from a Kashmir goat which is found in Inner Mongolia, the People’s republic of China, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Afghanistan. Cashmere is the rare natural fibre combed from the fleece of the goat. Since the early 14th century Cashmere would often make up into children’s dresses and blended with other fibre’s to make women’s…