Get to know Pinguim on Etsy

Their jewelry is lovely! Old, unique and very much vintage. Ive included some pictures of the pieces that I love below. What do you think?

30s Chainmaille Chain Fringe Necklace.  Brass
Antique Locket. 1860s. Vintage. Star
Antique Victorian Bar Pin with Chased Crescent Moon and Star
Art Deco Bracelet. Wide Cuff. Huge Dark Garnet Crystal Rhinestones
Art Deco Necklace. Child or Pet Size. Mirrored Sapphire Blue Glass
Denmark Sterling Enameled Bracelet. Green Hearts. Meka
Early Coro Buckle Bracelet. Victorian Revival. Floral. Clamper
Huge Scarab Pendant. Kenneth Lane. Egyptian Revival. Heiroglyphs
Impossibly Long 20s Blue Glass Necklace. Hand Wired
Painted Celluloid Floral Brooch
Painted Celluloid Ruffly Flower Brooch. Black Poppy
SALE Austrian Ice Blue and Faux Pearl Floral Earrings. Clipbacks
Sea Green Satin Glass Necklace. Czech. Dainty Seed Rope Strand
Sterling Heart Locket. Pink Gold Flower.  Louis Stern
Victorian Snake Bangle. Indonesian Horn. Adult Size

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