Websites to check out…Worth a look I promise!

1. youngbritishdesigners.comThis is a unique site, it’s a great place to find clothing from overseas designers.


Established in 2006, Luna & Curious is an inspired collective who run an exquisite boutique in Shoreditch, London. Offering a cornucopia of finely rendered objects and clothing, Luna & Curious is a must visit destination for all those who seek the pleasures of true value, craftsmanship and beauty.


Ayla is a name that means many things, but our favorite interpretation of it is “bearer of light.” We’re your source for inspired products and inspiring advice—and, with the tools we offer to help you find just what you need, we hope you’ll agree that we’re all about brighter beauty.


Which is why at Deerling we only carry what we like to call “the new basics”, hand-picked children’s clothing and brands known for their durability, uncompromising quality, and beautiful designs. Our focus is to offer items that are truly authentic, made with the best materials for long lasting wear and comfort, as well as designed with both parent and child in mind.

5. – This site has the most amazing selection of vintage and used Rolexes. Want something unique and special check out the site

Thank you Lucky Magazine for featuring these lovely ! LOVE THEM!

Affordable Wedding Dresses….Costco, Jcrew and more

Yahoo features a article on affordable wedding dresses that are now available for sale. Check out the gorgeous dresses below. For more info click on the link.