The Analytics of

Polyvore states –

Polyvore’s community of tastemakers engages with millions of products from across the web every day. Style Analytics is an experimental tool that uses this data to provide insights into how customers perceive brands.

Interested in getting access to more detailed analytics? Contact us.


How cool is that! You can see the top products of major brands that polvyore carries. I’ve included the Style Analytics of Fendi on as a example, Click on the link below.


Finding the Zazzle in me…

So I wrote about this wonderful online store that lets you customize products to your liking.

I discovered though that I could implement my own illustrations into products. Im excited to share my own zazzle store with you all! To check it out click on the link below.


All about the knit…get to know NzLbags on Etsy

Etsy store owner NzLbags makes these wonderful and cute knitted bags that are available on Etsy. Check out the full selection by clicking on the link. .

I think they are very different and extremely functional. My favorite picks are below. Enjoy!