Fall Fashion Trends for 2011

As I was researching fall fashion trends I noticed a couple of themes that came from my research I was doing.

photo credit: Dan & Corina Lecca

The color Crimson will be a popular fall option for clothing this year. Check out the example from Rodarte’s line. It’s all about the color and how you wear it.






photo credit: Dan & Corina Lecca


Clashing fabrics was the next trend that I saw.

Libertine showed us from their 2011 fashion week collection a high dose of color and clashing bold fabrics. I am not sure if I will be a fan of this, but this trend has been used a lot on shows like Gossip Girl.





photo credit: Dan & Corina Lecca



Cloaks, for fall! Love this trend! I am a huge fan of a cloak jacket and have ideally been searching for the right one. For 2011 Fall Fashion Week Rag & Bone showed a wonderful bohemian fringe Cloak on their runway.

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