A follow up on Norah from Daily Jewels

One of our first interviews for achicdirection.com was from a jewelry designer named Norah. She creates these wonderful and unique pieces that are available on Etsy.com .

I wasn’t able to feature all of her amazing pieces so I wanted to do a follow up and include more of her fabulous pieces that she has made.

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One of my favorite questions that we asked Norah is listed below

 How do you make affordable jewelry?

Affordable is relative, but I make jewelry that looks like it should be way more expensive than it is. I work hard to source out the best stones for the money. I use some AAA quality gemstones, However, I find that some stones of “lesser quality” have equal beauty for other reasons; be it vibrant color or natural facets or flaws. In addition, using gold-filled metal and not pure gold is the greatest tool in making affordable jewelry. It looks and wears like gold.

To check out the full interview click on the link below.



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