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Check out our interview with Linda from She has some great tips on shopping and blogging that are listed below! Enjoy!

Achicdirection: Why do you do it?

Linda: I started officially blogging in December last year. Like a few others I had my “first” blog on Blogger a while back but only posted once and never went back. Once I graduated I realised I wanted to blog again and so from learning html and css from my job (marketing) I found that I could really make a go of it and so created one with because I wanted to buy my own domain.

As far as fashion, I find that it’s everywhere and not only in clothing. It’s in architecture and our environment, so my photos on site mirror it. I try to capture everything from foodography to breathtaking landscapes as my interests lie in colour, shape and design. Any combinations of the three result in my draining my camera battery.

artworks by l.k

Achicdirection: What and who inspires you?

Linda: Funnily enough my inspiration comes from bloggers themselves. They are the ones who gave me the confidence to create Letters to Daria, along with their finds of vintage clothing or unique content. Their photos astound me, it was a literally a case of they can, so I can too.

Achicdirection:Where did this passion come from?

Linda:Ok so I’m going to confuse a few people here, but my passion for fashion can from the icon of my blog – well her show. MTV’s Daria showcased a small group of teenage girls who called themselves “The Fashion Club.” I loved the typically narcissistic yet clueless element of them. They had no interest in school but their dedication to fashion was inspiring. Not that it made me think superficiality was trendy, but it did make me realise that if you want to learn about something you have to practice it, and fashion is one of the most practiced ideas in our society.

Achicdirection: Where do you shop?

Linda: My favourite stores at the moment are AllSaints, Reiss, Zara and the plethora of vintage shops found in London’s Brick Lane. The Online stores I like visiting apart from bloggers stores are, and If I had the money, I’d invest in a amazing leather jacket because that is definitely a piece of clothing that would last a while and has survived through decades of trends.

Achicdirection:What is your definition of “chic”?

Linda:My definition of chic is the ability to look feminine without trying. Right now this is done best by Gillian Zinser, best known as Ivy from 90210. Her look is so effortless, but so mixed with colours and shapes that she chooses in her closes, so intrinsically feminine. Chic is what I would love to be able to pull off, but I’m still learning how.

Achicdirection:What is the one thing you cannot live without in your wardrobe?

Linda:Hmm, I’m not sure about this question. I hope you won’t find me boring when I say this but leggings. I bought these black pair of American apparel leggings and they truly are a universal piece for me. Living in London they are essential and its not always warm enough to go bare skin.

Achicdirection: What is something you want the readers from A Chic Direction to know about you and your blog?

Linda:If anything, I want bloggers to see that my posting is just as my diary would be, if it were onlineJ. I have always loved letters and it’s sad that it’s a dying art form, in my blog I write directly to you and show you how my mind works. It’s not all about fashion, but lifestyle, however I am a girl and who doesn’t love fashion to an extent.

If you want to contact me feel free to do at

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Twitter: @lindymoe.

Get typing, and I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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