Marilyn Monroe Dress from the seven year itch sold for what?

This is the dress that Marilyn Monroe famously stood over a subway vent while filming the  “Seven year Itch.” It sold for 4.6 Million dollars on Saturday. For all the details click on the link below for the full story.   Photos: Marilyn Monroe poses over the updraft of a New York subway grating,…

Back to his Roots Ashton Kutcher hits the runway

For Brazil fashion week you could of caught Ashton Kutcher walking the runway with Alessandra Ambrosio during Sao Paulo Fashion Week for the Colcci show. For all the details and more click on the link below.

Van Astyn…Loving this new line

This new line of Handbags from Van Astyn comes from Switzerland. The designers Peter Nitz trained at Hermes, joined forces with Heike Kohler and Mario Margelist. The bags look amazing and unique. I found the label in this current month June issue of Instyle Magazine. I defiantly recommend checking out the label, It’s GORGEOUS!