Pippa Middleton’s green dress made just for Pippa.

Alice Temperley was slammed with requests for the Pippa Middleton Green dress that she made for the royal wedding.

Alice has been quoted saying “But we made it specifically for her and I wasn’t going to start trying to capitalise on that.”[Telegraph UK]

So If your dying for the dress, look for the knockoff.

What happened to Filipa Fino at Vogue?

Rumors have stated she was let go for “inappropriate  behavior.” I wonder what “Inappropriate Behavior” actually means in the fashion world.

WWD has officially removed the section about Filipa Fino being let go for “Inappropriate Behavior.”

To check out all the details on Filipa’s next career move click on the link below.


A Michelle Obama Color Block

Check out Michelle Obama’s take on the latest trend for color blocking. She wore a color-blocked dress with a matching cropped jacket when visiting the Hector Pieterson memorial site in Soweto, South Africa today.