who is L.K. Bennett?

L.K. Bennett was created by a English-Icelandic Cothing designer and entrepreneur named Linda Kristin Bennett. Since the creation of L.K. Bennett she has won several awards  including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, Vueve Clicquot Businesswoman of the year in 2004, Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur award and she was made a honorary fellow of the London colllege of Fashion which was her alma mater.(wikepedia)


L.K. Bennett has been recently popularized by Kate Middleton who uses the company as a staple in most of her wardrobe. Kate has been seen wearing the companies shoes with a majority of her daily outfits.



L.K. Bennett currently sells shoes, clothing, bags, accessories and more.

For more  information – http://www.lkbennett.com/

For the History of the Kitten Heel

For the history of L.K. Bennett


L.K. Bennett is available in multiple stores across the world. For more information on their store locations click below.



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