Fashionistas Market… A fun store in Honolulu

One of my old newspaper buddies from my undergrad college paper posted some information about the Fashionista’s Market Boutique on her facebook page. I Loved the look of the Boutique I decided to write a post on it as well.

Courtesy of Fashionista's Market

The Boutique is located in Downtown Honolulu  it sells designer brands at discount and locally designed clothing and jewelry. Fashionista’s Market is a trendy store that allows you to look  chic day or night. The stores hours are Mon-Sat 1030am-630pm.

Courtesy of Fashionista's Market

For more information on the store look at the info below.

They are located at 1185 Bethel Street, Honolulu, HI 96813

To check them out look at their facebook page

Fashionista’s Market – Facebook

Fashionista’s Market- Twitter 

A new gig for Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung can be seen in the front rows of fashion shows and DJing different parties.  Chung has been invited to host a new show on Lifetime. The show  “is a new US-based TV programme that pits designers against each other.”{The CUT} Alexa was last seen on American Television screens on MTV’S show, ” It’s On With Alexa Chung”. The series was cancelled after two seasons but Chung will get her chance to grace American Television screens once again.





A tribute to the style behind…Amy Whinehouse

Amy’s signature look was a beehive and a throwback to past looks with a little bit of sex appeal. Check out the different looks she rocked over the years.

Michael Kors…Jewelry Line

Michael Kors is another designer that has broken into the jewelry business. Check out his pieces below.

Get to know StoriesDivinations on

StoriesDivinations is a great store on . The store sells a wide variety of vintage materials on line. Check out the excellent selection of vintage materials below.