Get to Know Etsy Designer Tielor Mcbride on

Tielor McBride makes these super cool Unisex bags that are available on . So This Etsy Designer was born and raised in Midwest (Kansas City MO) who studied fine arts and design. Tielor freelanced as a stylist and Designer for DVF, Diesel and Rugby. The last three years for Tielor were spent working for Ralph Lauren in design for window displays and now art directions for advertising.

Check out these amazing bags below. For more information on this AMAZING designer click on the link .

A chat with Elaine Biss

ACD: How did you get your start?

Elaine Biss: I was very young when I became interested in art. I am a trained Commercial artist. (Andy Warhol was a Commercial Artist) However to take what I already knew how to do, into the computer, I taught myself. It took me a few years to get to where I am today. I love to draw. Either by hand or on the computer. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to turn my love for design into a career.

ACD: What inspires you?
Elaine Biss:Retro fashion, Paris and art. It is very hard to just pin point one thing. Because I could be look at cake and feel inspired by it. 😀 I`m funny that way.
ACD:Are there any big name companies that you have designed for?
Elaine Biss: Yes, I have designed for Dior, their Beauty company, New York and Company as well as other minor intentional companies.
ACD: How do you define Chic?
Elaine Biss: It`s the timeless classic that it is still in a few seasons later. Chic is not being in with the latest, but being in style with a classic element. Being chic recognizes that obeying your unique sense of style is better than being a slave to fashion.
I found Elaine Biss on Want to find out more about Elaine Biss? Check out the links below. Her work is Chic and so much fun.

Giuliana Rancic Designs Affordable Clothing Line

Giuliana Rancic will be the latest celeb turned fashion designer to hit the market.  Giuliana will be designing a 10 to 12 samples and three handbags for a January launch. Everything will be priced around $50.00 .

Can’t wait to see what she comes up with.


Mila Kunis Kills it in Elie Sabb and Louis Vuitton

Mila Kunis is secretly climbing up the fashion status ladder. Below is a picture of Mila in Moscow promoting her new movie Friends With Benefits. 

In the dress on the right Mila wears a gorgeous little white cotton pique dress from the Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 Collection.

In the picture on the left she is wearing a stunning Elie Saab Couture Dress from the Fall 2012 collection.

Ebay and American Apparel

Photo: American Apparel

American Apparel has gone to a unexpected place to sell clothing. American Apparel will start selling clothing in September on Ebay’s homepage.  Everything will be bought or sold via eBay. This approach is being used to avoid financial struggles. Do you think it will work?