How to develop your own Style

1. Determine your colors. So what does that mean? Find the colors that work best for you in different seasons or year round . You want to check the different colors that work best with your hair, skin and eye color.

2. Trademark – A style trademark is something you can rock on a day to day basis. In the show gossip girl Blair has trademarked the headband as her go to thing. A signature item or style choice can also help make you stand out from the crowd.

3. Embrace your shape- Knowing how to highlight your best features can save you time and take your look to another level.

4. Lookbook- puttingĀ togetherĀ a look book is a fantastic way to keep track of fashion that inspires you.

5. Vintage – something old plus something new and finding the balance in between can make your outfit stand out. Mixing and matching with vintage can make you a one of a kind fashionista.


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