From the Kardashian Kollection and Sears

A side ladder drop needle detail and marled pattern create a bold sexy look in these Kardashian Kollection knitted leggings.Women's leggingsExtra long lengthSide ladder drop detailRoll rib hem detailExposed side ladder drop detailMaterial: 100% AcrylicCare: Machine washable Imported

Interested in owning these Leggings? Which by the way were on sale the last time I was in sears!! Click on the picture and it will take you to the sears website where you can purchase them yourself.

Great Jackets under $250

Great Jackets under $250

American Retro tailored jacket
$166 –

Bomber jacket
250 AUD –

Axara tweed waistcoat
€165 –

Toggle duffle coat
$140 –

Mango sequin vest
€119 –

Monsoon wool coat
£100 –

€87 –

£80 –

Embroidery jacket
£65 –

Gorgeous Paper Typography

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