20×200 good ideas for gifts

20×200 is such a great idea for gifts! They have limited edition pieces that are available in 3 or four sizes. Check out some of the pieces above. This site has a great concept and I love the art work!

About Us -“We introduce at least two new editions a week: one photo and one work on paper. Most are available in three or four sizes. When we first launched, the smallest size was reprinted in the largest batch — an edition of 200 — and sold at the lowest price — $20. Hence the name 20×200. (We say it: “twenty by two-hundred.” 200×20 just didn’t sound as good.) We also offer 11″x14″ editions of 500 for $50, 16″x20″ editions of 20 for $200, 20″x24″ editions of 50 for $500, 24″x30″ editions of 10 for $1,000 and 30″x40″ editions of 2 for $2,000. We may occasionally offer editions at other sizes and price points. Usually, the original artwork is also available so let us know if you want the one-and-only!” (20×200)

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