Jenner Jewelry

The Jenner Sisters are set to break into the jewelry business over the holiday season in 2013. Their line will contain jewelry that is priced between $19.99 and $69.99.   This will be the first breakout business endeavor that the sisters have done by themselves. Would you buy the Jenner girls jewelry?

So Cute

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Such A simple DIY

 These moccasins are so cute, and simple to make! Love the turquoise color in the shoe. Source: via Pose on Pinterest

Vogue’s Elite

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Wrap me in Burberry*

Wrap me in Burberry* by je-suis-un-lapin featuring burberry shoes Burberry v neck dress£225 – Burberry striped coat$2,595 – Burberry Prorsum waterproof coat$2,815 – Burberry shoes$795 – Burberry bag$595 – Burberry raffia handbag$1,195 – Burberry shawl$325 – Burberry silk shawl$475 – Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush$42 – Burberry Holiday Gift Set Eau De Parfum Intense$125 – Pine Spray with Pinecones in Christmas Decorating | Crate&Barrel$7.95 – george…

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Thursday picks

  Thursday Picks by achicdirection featuring super skinny jeans