Shoe Icon : Rayne, Edward

RAYNE, EDWARD: Edward Rayne was a shoe icon between 1922-92. Born in London, England he was a well known shoe manufacturer. The firm H. & M. Rayne was founded by Edward Rayne’s grandparents in 1899. This business was started by the family and stayed in the family for years.


At the end of the century Rayne made shoes primary for theaters and privately for actresses. In 1920 the company opened a shop in London’s Bond street which became highly popular.  Raynes shoes are known worldwide and have extensive outlets in the UK and USA. Rayne worked with courteriers such as AMIES, CAVANAUGH , MUIR, and VIVIER the shoe designer. The firm also worked briefly with DIOR as well.


( The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers)

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