Tiffany Locket

Tiffany Locket by polybaby featuring clutch bags Glamorous dress$48 – Ed hardy heels$70 – Logos jewelry$795 – Yellow gold jewelry$2,500 – Gold engraved jewelry$1,350 –


8/12/11 by cadbury-sparks featuring a pleated dress 3 1 Phillip Lim pleated dress$495 – Long coat$802 – Isabel Marant heel boots$580 – Alexander mcqueen handbag$2,295 – Jerome Dreyfuss mini handbag$770 – 18 karat gold jewelry$3,950 – Tulips 3D Model by iljujjkin€27 –

The Kate effect

Kate Middelton is knows for wearing the brand Reiss as one of her go to clothing brands. Reiss has filed accounts that show a double in profit for the fiscal year. This can be attributed to the Duchess’ affection of the company. Reiss’s profits up as Kate Middleton effect lifts sales

What is a Bias Cut?

“A bias cut is a cut across the grain of a fabric which causes the material to fall into a smooth vertical drape. This allows it to be easily manipulated. Bias cut dresses were worn during the 1920’s and 1930’s and often featured in major films during the 1920’s and 1930’s.”   (The Thames and…

fun mix up

fun mix up by achicdirection featuring yellow gold jewelry Alexander McQueen ruffle dress$5,135 – Allude cashmere coat€449 – Stiletto heel shoes£25 – Maison Martin Margiela envelope clutch bag$385 – Melissa Joy Manning yellow gold jewelry$515 – Alex Monroe feather jewelry$225 – Cluster jewelry£20 – Ray-Ban ray ban shades€139 – American Apparel vintage shawl$65 – Armani Exchange wool knit glove$58 –