Get to know the designers of Fathom and Form

1. What is Fathom & Form? and how did you come up with the name?

Chris Baas: Fathom & Form is a jewelry company made up of myself, Christopher Baas and Carleigh Wamberg. Basically what jewelry means to us is exploration. Working on such large-scale architecture projects can be overwhelming and exhausting because there is never enough time and rarely do you get to see your designs come to life. Both Carleigh and I love to investigate and analyze form, and jewelry gave us the opportunity and freedom to produce tangible objects that set aside all the political and formal restraints involved with architecture.

2. Who are the designers for Fathom and Form?

Carleigh Wamberg: Chris Baas and Carleigh Wamberg

3. How did you and your design partner meet?

   Baas:Both Carleigh and I go to a small art and design school in San Francisco called California College of the Arts. We would spend late nights flirting in the computer labs exchanging song requests. I liked her style, musical taste, and design work, so yeah we vibed.

4. What inspires your designs?

Wamberg: Interior architecture, crystals and geodes, electrical towers, contrasting materials, aerial photography, and Chris.

  Baas: Architecture, late night delirium, Johnny Walker (for the better or worse), Iris van Herpen, Prodigy, Chris Habana.

5. What is the price range for your designs?

Baas and Wamberg:   All of our pieces are sterling silver and range from $200-1,000. Gold Vermeil and Rose Gold Vermeil pieces range from 300-1,500.

6. Where can people find Fathom & Form online? Are you in stores? Magazines?

Wamberg: We haven’t released our line yet. We expect to have our ecommerce website running before July. We can be found at Kin Los Angeles boutique, where we are selling prerelease pieces.


7. Any exciting news to share about the brand?

Baas: A big goal we have is to produce quality jewelry that is still affordable for people our age, but without losing its hand touch and authenticity through mass production. After we release our first collection, we plan on doing an exclusive line in stainless steel which will be much more affordable.

Interested in Fathom and Form? You can find them at the following places below.



            Coming soon website:

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