Get to know the designer from Etsy Store Smallbluethings

I found this fabulous jewelry designer on Etsy. Check out my interview below with her.

What inspires you?

Anything I find “beautiful” inspires me. Flowers, shells, chocolate ,packages, window displays, greeting cards, wrapping paper, cup cakes, vintage glass, paintings, candles, buttons, beads, vintage Salt & Pepper shakers, wine labels…especially beautiful packaging because I have been working as a package designer for many years!

What is your definition of chic? Simple, clean and understated, but with a twist of wit.

What made you start designing jewelry?

I started making bead rings when I was nine or ten. I don’t remember what made me to do but I thought it was fun and I was really into it.


Then, when I was a collage student in NYC, I found plastic shops on Canal Street and started making earrings with geometrical plastic pieces. Peoplewho saw them really liked them and told me I should sell them.  But it was before the Internet, and I didn’t know how. After I started working in the design industry, I was way too busy, so I just stopped making jewelry. I moved Phoenix two years ago because of my husband’s business. After working 25 years as a full time designer, I suddenly became a house wife and found I had a lot of free time. I found a 

local bead shop named Beads World by chance and started taking classes. It was the first time that I learned jewelry making from someone. I didn’t even have proper tools until then. Because it is so hot here in Arizona and I don’t drive, jewelry making is a perfect hobby for me.After a few months, I found Etsy. I had heard of it but I didn’t know if I could actually sell my stuff. I opened my first shop last April and the second shop last September.

 When did you start designing?

When I was a child. I love drawing so I naturally went to art school. I started my professional career as a graphic/package designer right after I finished college. I designed a lot of food packaging: chocolate, yogurt, sesame oil, salad dressing, tea, frozen food, bread, anything you can find in a supermarket or drug store.

 Where can people find you online?

I have two Etsy shops.

I also have my portfolio online