Fun Jewelry from ShopBop

Shopbop has some seriously chic jewelry. I love all the turquoise pieces. Check out my picks below.


The Gemma Redux drop Spike earrings are edgy and a ton of fun. As these earrings move, needle-like turquoise beads fan out in a delightful display of motion. French hook.

The Pamela Love sun Cuff is a chic bracelet. This gold-plated cuff features spike details. The bracelet is a great addition if you want to rock the arm party.


The Giles & Brother Skinny railroad bracelet-This brass curved spike cuff features engraved ‘G & B’ lettering and arrowhead detail. The bracelet is simple and a great way to accent your look.



Jules Smith See you at the Souk Skull Cuff.  The skull cuff is edgy from Shopbop. Love the turquoise color. 


Interview: Get to know Vanessa Green

1.    What is your definition of chic?

My definition of chic is quite broad – I would describe someone as chic who takes pride in how they look, dresses with intention and loves to look and feel good. You can tell when a person is oozing confidence, and that’s because they are proud of how they look. There are so many different wonderful styles a person can channel to suit their personality and flare for eg: Kate Bosworth is Hipster Chic, Nicole Ritchie is Boho Chic, Diane Kruger is, well she is just chic! These women know who they are and what clothing makes them feel good, that to me makes them chic, and what makes all men and women chic.


2.    What do you do?

I am a TV Producer in Vancouver, BC currently working on Season Two of HGTV’s ‘Urban Suburban’ and previously on Season Three of OWN’s ‘The Cupcake Girls’. I am also a freelance stylist for ‘Moule’ a wonderful, Canadian family run fashion store


3.    How does fashion effect your life?

Fashion is the first thing I think about when I wake up every morning, it effects my life in a hugely positive way. Choosing an outfit, styling my hair, putting make-up on and matching accessories isn’t just routine for me, it is how I show people who I am! Fashion brings me immense pleasure and the confidence I gain when I look and feel good can’t be beat. That is why I remain so active in the fashion world, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, trying new styles and going the extra length to look good everyday.


4.    Who inspires your fashion choices?

At the moment, my style icons are Nicole Ritchie, Blake Lively and Emma Stone – and yes they are all very different! I love all fashion and will change my style daily! That is why my all-time style icon is Sarah Jessica Parker. She always looks incredible and isn’t afraid to embrace all of the diverse fashion available to her. Sometimes she dresses classically and other times she takes risks with colour and shapes – she can’t be defined and neither can I.


5.    Where can people find you online?

I am launching a Style Blog in the next month called, Pull it together! Which you can find at: My blog provides a guide and examples of how to look effortlessly chic everyday quickly and stress free! You can currently find me on twitter @nesslgreen but that will soon change to @pullittogether