Check out I love Vintage Bags on Etsy

1)     What is your definition of chic?

The combination of glorious, stylish and timeless vintage accessories that together help create an effortlessly unique look to make anyone stand out in the crowd. Being able to express yourself using vintage fashion screams the word CHIC.



2)     What kind of store do you have on Etsy?

My Etsy store is a collection of handpicked vintage bags offered at an affordable price.  My shop is all about helping customers obtain their dream vintage bag without compromising their pockets.


3)     What inspired you to do this?

My inspiration and determination to open my Etsy shop came from my love for vintage fashion. I have been collecting vintage items for years! I opened by Etsy shop so that I could combine my passion for vintage with the need to make extra cash and at the same time offer products that others will enjoy as well.


4)     What kind of products do you sell? Is there a story behind how you get them?

I sell mostly vintage bags and accessories.  I carry everything from high end vintage  designer pieces to awesome 1960’s hand tooled hippie bags.  Acquiring my bags is the most exciting part of my job. Every day I am on the hunt for bags all over the city. I shop at thrift stores, flea markets, estate sales, etc. Finding a gem out of hundreds of pieces is a rare and genuine joy that I hope never ends.


5)     Where can people find you online?

My Etsy shop can be found online at:

Comments and/or suggestions are welcomed at: