Meet an amazing artist named Cathy Abraham

Please read my interview with Cathy Abraham below.

She has a amazing website and it’s a must see!!

1. What inspires you?

I am inspired by life and all that is in it. My personal stories, my past and present provide much for expressing. Life’s process of the transition from birth to death as seen in nature also provides me with an ever flowing fountain if inspiration. My work is my medicine.


2. What is your definition of chic? I believe ‘chic’ is the ability to transform… Living as alchemy.


3. How long have you been painting for? I have been painting for 15 years but working creatively for 25.


4. What’s one thing that’s unique about your art? I use materials that reflect my subject matter. Mostly I am working with domestic issues therefore I use tea, coffee, wine, lipstick, glass or household paints and varnish, or salvage from what is discarded but was once used in conjunction with traditional art materials.


5. Where can people find your work online? I have a website and am in various galleries in South Africa.

KATHY 3.tif

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