The Color Report

Orange is a vibrant color that can make a statement. The color is often associated with the sun because of it’s warmth. Though it’s not yellow orange has a bit of intensity that can make you stand out of the crowd. Orange can be used as a makeup statement  or as a accent piece in your clothing. It’s always a good color to wear when transitioning your wardrobe from Spring to Summer or from Summer to Fall.

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Silicon Valley is stepping out into the fashion world

Love this article and I thought I would share it with you guys.

This article from the NY Times  discusses how the women in silicon Valley are stepping out into the fashion world.

Makeup Lessons From the Pros

If you can’t figure out how to do your makeup, The Makeup Forever Recording Studio will step in and show you how. For a $40 product or gift card purchase you will get a 20 min complimentary instruction. If you add another $35 onto that you can be upgraded to a full one hour tutorial session.


This is where the cool part comes in. While learning the tricks of the trade the lesson is being captured by a video camera in the mirror. You will go home with a USB flash rive, that has captured the whole tutorial process. For $75 that’s a sweet deal especially in Los Angeles.


132 S. Robertson BLVD., L.A.