A gauntlet…is not only a MTV thing.

Gauntlets are gloves, which are close-fitting to the hands. They are long and reach almost to the elbow with wide ends near the arms.  Mostly seen in Medieval time period, medival style gauntlets were made from soft suede and leather that fell in folds over the wrists. They gained popularity between the 1920’s and 1930’s. Source:…

Behind the Designs…Get to know Piguet, Robert

1901-1953, Designer. Robert was born in Yverdon Switzerland. He was formerly traned as a banker, and in 1918 he went to Paris where he worked with Redfern and Poiret. In 1933 he founded his own house and kept it open until 1951 when he retired. His designs were often used by major designers such as…

Behind the trend… Tribly

  Tribly- What is it you may ask? It’s a hat with a soft felt like texture. It has a dented crown and a flexible brim. The tribly takes it’s name of a heroine from George du Maurier’s Novel Tribly, who wore this kind of hat. It was a popular style in the 1930’s and…

Get to know designer…Orry-kelly

Orry-Kelly 1897-1964 was a costume designer for notable films such as 1951 An American in Paris and 1959’s in Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe. Born with the official name John Kelly in Sydney, Australia Orry-Kelly joined the famed production house Warner Brothers in Hollywood in 1932. He would freelance for Universal, RKO and…

Behind the trends…Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is often made from gemstones which resemble precious stones or from imitation stones which follow certain periodic fashion trends. Developed in the 18th century, mainly for the emerging middle class and the wealthy who, who wore valueless jewelry for security while traveling. In the 1920s costume jewelry developed into an accessory in it’s own right…

Behind the Trend…Cigarette Pants

Cigarette Pants– are Narrow cut trousers that are tapered towards the ankle. They first became popular in the 1950’s and recently in 2000 the trend has re-appeared often seen  on hipsters.  

About the material…Karacul

Karacul is a tightly curled, glossy black fur of the young broad tail sheep found in southern Russia. Karacul was known to be used in fur for coats and hats in the late 19th and 20th centuries. The name also given to the fabric imitates the fur.

Behind the Trend…The Donkey Jacket

The Donkey Jacket was originally a workman’s jacket, it is hip-length and cut with wide shoulders and long sleeves. Made of melton, serge or wool, it was first made into casual wear during the 1920’s and became popular in the 1950’s. Some interpretations of this jacket have leather patches sewn over the elbows and across…

Behind the trend…The Car Coat

A car coat is a woolen outdoor garment which originated in the USA in the 1950’s. It typically is a hip-length semi-fitted jacked often double breasted used for driving.   Source: The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers    

A Fabulous little find…Get to know Paris Couture Antiques on Etsy.com

This store is absolutely stunning with the amazing options and selection of products that they have at http://www.etsy.com/shop/ParisCoutureAntiques Check out the bio below for Paris Couture Antiques The Muse: Being drawn to the French and European style and architectural decor from an early age, Alys began her antique design business at the young age of 21….