So excited to say ! My zazzle cards came today!

I ordered some cards from my zazzle store of my illustrations. They turned out quite fabulous and I love them! So excited! you can check out all of my designs at

Finding the Zazzle in me…

So I wrote about this wonderful online store that lets you customize products to your liking. I discovered though that I could implement my own illustrations into products. Im excited to share my own zazzle store with you all! To check it out click on the link below.  

Looking for some feedback…on my work

I would love to hear any feedback that anyone has to offer on this piece. I am considering doing one of these in different colors for ever month. Any thoughts?

The Best of 2010 A year in review… A Chic Direction’s Top Ten Blog Posts

  1.House of Noyes Jewelry: My little sister makes fabulous jewelry that she sells at You guys made her the number one most looked at article on my site.   2.  My own Illustrations: Thanks for making my illustrations the number two most clicked on article for this year! I love sharing my drawings…