The Barbie Version


“Barbie has been at the center of many subversive art pieces, if only because her impossible-to-attain figure is the epitome of unhealthy feminine ideals. It’s safe to say that Barbie has become the ultimate stand-in for the hyper-feminine — a caricature of what society expects of women.” Via Refinery29 – Read the full article right here

Signature Blouse

Inspired and manifesting a modern perspective, the collection is infused with a freshness that propels the tried and true classic into the future of fashion. This contemporary approach on signature pieces pays homage to the legacy of the brand originally launched in the 1970s while maintaining the perfect balance of cool and understated elegance.img-5



Fusing Italian craftsmanship with her Haitian heritage, the designer refers to her SS15 collection as a “cultural symposium”. This printed midi dress from **Stella Jean** dazzles for it’s unique shape: It falls slightly off the shoulder and booms with visually alluring trumpet sleeves, while the fitted skirt is effortlessly sensual.