Behind the designs…Blass, Bill

Blass, Bill 1922-2002. Designer. Born William Ralph Blass in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. Blass studied at Parsons school of design in New York in 1939.  From their he worked as a sketcher for David Crystal a sportswear manufacturer before he was drafted into the army. After World War II, he moved to Anna Miller & Co., as a designer. When Miller merged with the manufacturers Maurice Renter Ltd in 1950, Blass stayed and in 1962 became Vice President. In 1970 he bought the company,  renaming in Bill Blass. Blass is well known as a designer for American day wear. He would take traditional garments such as the Hacking Jacket and by softening the lines he would create a less severe designs. His suits are more tailored but consciously curved to imitate the female body. In 1999 Blass sold Bill Blass Limited for $50 million to Michael Groveman where he retired to his home in New Preston, Connecticut.