Did you know about…the LBD

I thought that this information was really neat. Coco Chanel made the little black dress a instant staple in women’s fashion. Her LBD first appeared  in the 1926 Vogue. Vogue deemed it: ” The Frock that the world will wear.” Sure enough since it’s debut the LBD has been a fashion staple.

Coco Chanel No. 5 New Jersey History

Did you know that Coco Chanel at one point in time was produced in a factory from New Jersey? While World War II was happening in Europe, the perfume factory was relocated to New Jersey! It turns out her chic cologne was being made in the garden state, while the materials were being smuggled in from France!

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Did you know…1920′s fashion trends

1920’s fashion trends were primarily focused around the modern area and liberation for women. Iconically most suits that were designed in the 1920’s are based upon mens suits that we see today. This era was important because women began to shift from the conservative dress to wearing sportswear. Coco Chanel was one of the 1st women in the 1920’s to cut her hair to the popular “bob” style and wear trousers. She helped free womens fashion from standard forms and shapes. Also, during the 1920’s there were two designers who popped on the scene.

1. Jean Patou – French designer who introduced the 2 piece sweater and skirt.

2. Elsa Schiaparelli- (who I have written about before) Designed clothes so there was a awareness of the body and form beneath

the clothing.

Did you know……Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli ( Sept 10 1890- Nov 13, 1973) was a italian Fashion Designer. Her greatest rival during her time was Coco Chanel. She was a prominent  and notable figure in fashion between the two world wars. Elsa was heavily influenced by surrealist artists like Salvidor Dali and Alberto Giacometti. Often she would join forces with these artists to create different fashion. Her most notable designs were created with Salivador Dali. Thesedesigns are called the Cocteau, Lobster Dress, Tears Dress, Skeleton Dress, and Shoe Hat.

To find out more information about Elsa and her 12 commandments for women check out the links below.


Check out her wonderful interactive website at http://www.schiaparelli.com/