Some Unique Artists from the Art Chicago Show 2011

I had a blast at Artropolis over the past weekend. The show featured multiple amazing artists from different galleries DTR Modern Galleries, that I thought was fantastic. They had such great pieces of art made by two specific artists.

Robert Mars –

“My work is a chronicle of Americana. I am determined to capture the independent aesthetic of the not-so-distant past that has been replaced by homogenized corporate culture and standardized cityscapes. Industrial design, graphic design, architecture, vintage neon and mid-century icons all render important roles in my work.

My paintings employ layers of color, subtly collaged printed matter from the 1950’s and 1960’s, and stark, black imagery. Remote, indistinct landscapes capture the once poetic, and now nearly lost highway strips of the American past. Formerly the promise of hope and prosperity; these icons are now a sign of desperation and ruin.”

His epic use of collage is so eye catching and fresh. For more information on his work you can check out his blogspot or his website at

The second pieces that caught my eye at this gallery were made by Damien Hirst .

According to Wikipedia- Damien Steven Hirst[1] (born 7 June 1965) is an English artist, Entrepreneur, and art collector.

Damien had artwork such as Jacobs Ladder III, 2009 a pencil signed etching with photogravure and hand coloring. And the sparkly Skull that is listed below. These eye catching pieces were completely unique and different from what I had seen before.