Meet Etsy Designer DirdyBirdy

DirdyBirdy is a fabulous designer on The designer makes wonderful and unique pieces that are available on her store. I am in LOVE with the Lion Head Locket that is available on her page.

To check out her site click on the link below

Get to know Moon Raven Design on

I discovered this really cool page on Etsy for Moon Raven Designs. I think there work is unique and really edgy. Check out the jewelry line and my interview with them below.
ACD: How did you get your start?
Since childhood, I have always been fascinated with animals and anatomy. I would collect skulls and bones that I would find exploring. My interest translated into designs in 1990 when I began working in resin and casting jewellery in that medium. From there, it was a natural progression to cast using metals, bronze, and silver.

ACD: Why did you choose jewelry design?

I have always been an artisan, drawing as long as I can remember. I officially began crafting jewellery and accessories in 1974 and it became Moon Raven Designs.
ACD: What inspires you?
Much of my design process is based upon personal experience. For example, hiking on one of the many trails around here can inspire me, then by the time I return to my studio, I have an entirely new idea.
ACD: What is something you would like to share with my readers?
To always follow your passion, its amazing where it will leads to!
How to people find more info about you? Twitter/facebook/ ect…


Get to know Etsy Fashion Illustrator CathrynsDesigns

CathrynsDesigns has some super chic and fun illustrations. She lives in Plymouth in the United Kingdom. She makes some seriously amazing illustrations which you can see on her etsy site or on her blog at

Check out some of her fun pieces below.

Get to know StoriesDivinations on

StoriesDivinations is a great store on . The store sells a wide variety of vintage materials on line. Check out the excellent selection of vintage materials below.

Get to know Holly from Fivelittlegems on

Holly from Five Little Gems on is from Clevland, Ohio. She makes some interesting and unique statement pieces for purchase.

Her twitter handle is hollynichols1


Get to know Gr0glmann on

Gr0glmann is such a unique jewelry designer. He features jewelry designs that are LEGO’S and popular game pieces. I found some unique jewelry below where he used bullet casting shells as earrings and a ring.

His store is listed at

Check them out below.


Get to know Elaine Biss from

Elaine Biss from makes some adorable and SUPER CHIC pieces that are available for purchase on at her store. You can see that her work is super inspired by her style which is mentioned in her profile on Etsy as ” My Style? Girly haute, classic retro chic with a touch of Parisian Style.”

Dior and New York and Company are some of her clients. Amazing!

Check out some of her pieces that I adore below. To reach her or see more about her work click on the links below.