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The Royal footwear…Designers pitch their ideas for wedding shoes

Shoe designers have released sketches on what kinds of shoes Kate Middleton and Prince William should wear for their big wedding day. To check out the fabulousness look at the pictures included below.

Get to know ArturoRios on

Love these hats! They are completely one of a kind and unique pieces of work. For more information on Arturo click on the link below.


A Fashionable Choice…Kate Middleton’s Jacket

Kate Middleton’s Burberry Jacket sent people into a frenzy when she wore it for a pancake flipping session in Belfast. Apparently the jacket is sold out of stores in Europe in multiple sizes. Could this potentially be the Middleton effect?

A guide to Vintage…NY magazine gives some tips

Do you have the brains to shop vintage? Do you know if the rules have changed when shopping for vintage materials.

Check out this great article and look at the info. Their are some great tips and info listed in the link below.

Gaga This….The Sky Heel “Nine Inches Tall.”

I need to first and formost thank my friend Sarah for this suggested topic! Second, I know Gaga is popular and trend setting but this may be verging on insanity.

According to the following site the Sky Heel will be nine inches tall!

Consumers were demanding this look to emulate music and hollywood fashion. ”We’ve seen the five-inch and six-inch, and we’ve even seen the seven-inch heel. The trend is bigger, bigger, bigger – and the Sky Heel is the biggest of them all.” So the question I have to ask when is being too tall too much?