Gap Inc. to downsize U.S. Stores

Gap inc is going to start closing stores in a effort to downsize.┬áThe store is looking to focus on it’s international exposure. The goal is to cut out 700 stores across the U.S. by the end of 2013. (laTimes)

Gap’s Jeans and taco trucks

Will this work? It’s a interesting attempt to drive business.      

The Latest Fad…Little Luxuries for Children

Major designers have started making little luxury brands for children. Check out what Gap, Lavin, and Paul Smith are doing in the article below.

Fall into the gap with Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg has been recruited to help save baby and kids clothes as the Gap brand tries to come back from it’s bad sales. ┬áThe collection will be ready in March of 2012 and will be carried amongst gap stores in 30 countries and available online to 75 countries. For more details on the…

Is Gap going in a new direction?

Looks like Gap has made a huge strategic move and pulled Patrick Robinson the brand’s creative director from the line. Pam Wallack the head of Gap Global Creative Center in New York stated that “After spending the last three months in New York with the Creative team, I’ve made the decision to make a change…

For London: Valentino and Gap

Seems to be that we have a amazing Fashion Collaboration on our hands! The sad news is this currently is only offered across the pond. The Valentino for Gap collection will be available from November 27 at a limited number of stores worldwide: Gap’s new Milan store, Colette in Paris, and, in Britain, Gap’s flagship…