7 ways to find gifts for the holidays online

1. Etsy.com – You can connect your facebook account and search for gift recommendations by friends. The nice thing to is you can filter gifts by your budget.

2. Dreambank- helps your friends contribute to your dreams. Use the service to post your dream and then you invite your friends to help contribute towards the dream.

3.  Present Bee- The present bee is a web app that searches your friends facebook pages and offers  gifts based on suggestions.

4. GiveEmThis- suggests gifts that while accurate, may apply to an older audience.

5. Givvy-  Givvy narrows gift suggestions through a facebook app.

6. Gifty- allows you to send ultra-personalized gift cards via email, Facebook or snail mail. They are super cute and are a different approach to buying a gift card at the store.

7. From A Birdie a way to collectively upload your memories. What is better then a online database that you can share with your family and friends.