Meet a fabulous illustrator Sunny Gu

I found this amazing artist on Etsy named Sunny Gu. She is a fabulous illustrator. Her drawings are bright, chic and fabulous. Check out my interview with her below.

1. Where are you from? I was born and raised in China, I moved to the United States when I was 13.

2.What inspires you? My inspiration comes from everyone and everything around me. Sometimes it’s a nameless flower, a smile, a song, a poem, a color; sometimes it’s someone special.

3. What’s your definition of Chic? Good taste and elegance.

4. What do you like about illustrating? It’s my way to capture and preserve the beauties that I see, the kindness that I feel, and recreate them in someway. Being able to illustrate is a gift, it allows me to visualize stories and concepts for more to share.

5. Where can people find you online, please include all forms of social media.

Get to know artist Clover Chen

As I was looking through Etsy I found a wonderful artist named Clover Chen. She has some outstanding work which you can see below. I am in love with her Audrey Hepburn piece. Check out my interview with Clover below.

1. Where are you from? I am  from toronto, canada.

2.What inspires you?Lately  I find vintage fashion illustrations and fashion editorials quite inspiring. cliche as it sounds, but depending on what I am creating the inspiration can pop up from anywhere.

3. What is your definition of chic? My definition of chic is when a person dress in a way that flatters their figure and personality, but still looks effortless.

4. What influences your art work?

I absolutely love 20th century fashion illustration masters such as Eric, Rene Bouet-Willaumez aka RBW, Rene Gruau, Rene Bouche among others. it seems as if people who are name Rene have a panache for fashion illustration. Last century really was the best century to be in illustration.

5. Where can people find you online?

Well, people can find me at if anyone is interested in prints they can visit

Get to know Grimm, Gerd…..

Grimm, Gerd (illustrator)  was born in Baden, Germany in 1911. Grim attended the Arts school in Karlsruhe and the industrial arts school in Nuremberg. In the 1920’s he published his first advertising work after joining the staff of the magazine Die Dame.  Grimm’s work is often recognized in advertising and editorial illustration. His work is catch, unique, and to the point. To see all of his designs click on the link below

Get to know…Fortuny, Mariano

Fortuny, Marioano 1871-1949 was a textile and dress designer.

Born Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo in Granada, Spain. Fortuny studied painting and drawing in Spain before spending time in France and Germany. In those locations he learned about chemistry and dyes. In 1889 he settled in Venice, doing artwork such as photographs, painting and sculpting. He was fascinated by the effects of diffused light, he created stage sets for the opera and theater. Fortuny began to print textiles inspired by velvets and brocades of the Italian 15th and 16th centuries. He began making pleated gowns and cloaks which he dyed with vegetable dyes. Although they were made  them resemble rich velvets. Between 1901 and 1934 he registered more than twenty inventions in Paris for stage lighting systems and textile printing processes. This knocked him up to a superstar status. His “Knossos” scarf of 1906 was inspired by Cycladic art. It was a rectangular silk veil which could be used in a number of ways, tied around the body or worn as a decoration with the ‘Delphos’ gown, a cylindrically shaped, loose-fitting silk satin garment which had a rich color created by a special pleating process which Fortuny patented in 1909. Isadora Duncan was one of his most famous clients. After his death, the Fortuny process was bought by Countess Gozzi, who, as Elsie McNeill, had earlier helped Fortuny to market his furnishing fabric in the USA. A mixture of an artist and couturier, Fortuny had an enlightened view of dress design. This earned him one of the historical crowns of fashion.