Chic Jeans

      Laid-back style takes an edgy, downtown turn! Our most-wanted Soho Jeans Legging features edgy destroyed detailing; finished with contrast topstitching and bronze-hued matte hardware. Our Soho Jeans Leggings are amazingly soft and flattering! Body-hugging from top to bottom.

Denim Suggestions for Men

Yahoo always has great style articles and this time I found one that covers denim styles for men. Click on the link below to find out what are the best styles for your guy.  

Tuesday Picks: Jeans And Shirts

Tuesday Picks: Jeans And Shirts by achicdirection featuring bronze jewelry Prabal Gurung embroidery blouse$1,750 – Slim tee£4 – White Wool cape£245 – Balmain jeans$1,685 – Skinny leg jeans$130 – Christian Louboutin leather flat£625 – Beau Coops wedge ankle booties$319 – Lanvin brass jewelry£195 – Imogen Belfield bronze jewelry£265 – Amethyst jewelry$139 – Cara Accessories wide bracelet$44 – Citrine By The Stones gold jewelry€77 – Monsoon stackable…

J-Brand Jean developments

  Kate Middleton rocks this brand and Anna Wintour has approved the label. J Brand announced on 8/31/2011 that they will be releasing a sportswear line for next spring. The idea though is to come up with a more ritzier customer line.

Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

Check out this article from Yahoo/Lucky magazine that goes through the details of finding your perfect pair of jeans.  

Gap’s Jeans and taco trucks

Will this work? It’s a interesting attempt to drive business.      

Wrangler’s New Lady: Laura Bell Bundy

Country music singer and broadway star Laura Bell Bundy has signed on as the new spokesperson for the Booty Uplifting Jean. It’s a new product featuring patent pending technology designed to compliment a women’s shape. The jean will be launched this summer and retails for $60.00.  

Jeans for your body type

Check out the link below. This story was on Yahoo, and I think it does a nice job of going over jean types for your body type.