Behind the Seams…The history of Missoni

Missoni originally a Husband – and -wife design Team. Ottavio Missoni (b. 1932, Dalmatia, Italy) and Rosita Jelmini (b. 1932 Varese, Italy) founded the fabulous Missoni Company in 1953. Ottavio had previously owned a firm that made tracksuits and Rosita had worked for her family’s bedding company. With just a few knitting machines, the couple began to produce knitwear which they sold to other designers. By the 1970’s they were manufacturing under their own label highly individual knitwear in bold patterns and designs and cleverly blended colors. They made sweaters, suits, jackets, coats and dresses.  Missoni did much to alter the fashion worlds attitude to knitwear. It is most famous for it’s long cardigan-jackets and sweaters, but all its garments have become status symbols. Lots of celebrities are often seen in Missoni.