A Fabulous Interview with Netta P from xoxonettap.com

I came across Netta P blog after I saw that she was featured on Perezhilton’s site Coco Perez. Netta is super fashionable and very chic! Her tips are wonderful and very handy for plus size fashion. Check out our interview with her below.

Achicdirection: What inspires you?

NettaP: Lots of things inspire me – other people’s outfits on the train, going to sample sales, reading and looking at other blogs, magazines. I keep a set of 3-ring binders full of things that have inspired me or that i think are amazing to look at. I pull it out when I need to get my creative juices going!

Achicdirection: What is your definition of chic?

NettaP: Chic is looking like a stylist put you together. Wearing clothes that fit, feeling smooth.

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Achicdirection: What inspired you to blog and video blog?

NettaP: I started blogging and making style videos because i’ve always been really into fashion, and i’ve always tried to wear things that other people don’t feel like they can. I had a friend that told me that i really was in the wrong line of business, and then several other friends piled on in agreement (we were all at a plus size clothing swap at my apartment). So … i quit my job and started to focus on the plus size fashion world. A part of that was to start blogging and doing style videos.  I’ve also always LOVED being in front of the camera – i’m a huge ham and i’ve always wanted my own tv show, and making a show for youtube has been a great outlet for that desire.

Achicdirection: What is something you would want the readers from achicdirection to know about your site?

From Netta's article Kmart Love Your Style,Love Your Size Review

NettaP: I do all of my videos in one fell swoop – no edits (most of the time), so you’re getting the real me when I talk to you. Even when I say um and sooo and anyways. And also want to tell them thank you.

Achicdirection: What kind of styling tips can people find on your site?

NettaP: My tips focus on plus size women and the challenges that they have when trying to get dressed!

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For more information on Netta check out the links below!

Blog- http://www.xoxonettaP.com

Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/nettaP

Her videos are on coco perez at  http://www.cocoperez.com/tv/