From a Fellow Blogger get to know Rebecca from Underground Apple

Rebecca Randles is a fellow fashionista who we thought we would share with you. We contacted Rebecca for a interview and this is what she had to say below.

Why do you do it? What was your initial, and continuing, interest in starting a blog pertaining to fashion, photography, etc.

My name is Rebecca Randles and amongst many things, I am a fashion blogger. I blog about things that interest and inspire me, I also provide my readers with a little insight
into my own life, by sometimes posting about my friends, family, pets etc. I
started blogging when I was studying business at University; it was a way to
show my friends and family what I had been up to.  My love for fashion stemmed from a very young age and then
shone threw in my photography work at GCSE, As level and during my diploma in
art and design.

What and who inspires you? What inspires your fashion choices? your photography?

I am primarily inspired by my environment, be it the people around me or the places I see.
As I have spent the past three years as a student, I haven’t particularly had much money to spend on clothes, however I am fortunate enough to have family who provide me with
designer clothes, such as Rebecca Minkoff, Isbabel Marant, Louis Vuitton, Joseph,
and Chanel. My favourite labels would have to be Joseph (great cuts and very
casual), Ralph Lauren (I spend my time in polos a lot as I live in the
Cotswolds and it is a very equestrian area) and lastly Kurt Geiger (comfy and

You mentioned that you recently graduated so you do not really have the funds to shop as you might like to, where do you shop now? What are your favorite stores? Online sites? If you had the money to invest in one item, what would it by and why?

My favourite high street
stores are Zara and Topshop. However I also really love vintage clothes and
shopping online.

What is your definition of “chic”? and who do you think encompasses that meaning?

My definition of chic is to be dressed
to impress with an effortless air of style and elegance.

What is the one thing you cannot live without in your wardrobe?
There is not one thing
in my wardrobe that I could not go without, for an outfit is made up of many
elements, not just one. However if pushed, my current item of choice would be a
vintage Italian black leather waistcoat.

What is something you want the readers from A Chic Direction to know about you and your blog, Underground Apple?
I want the readers of my blog to feel free to comment on my posts and interact with me. I love it when they talk to me and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, bloglovin etc and I
will usually comment back as I like to build up friendships.

Rebecca’s info is listed below! Check out her blog I promise it has wonderful and unique content that is worth a look!