From the Kardashian Kollection and Sears

A side ladder drop needle detail and marled pattern create a bold sexy look in these Kardashian Kollection knitted leggings.Women's leggingsExtra long lengthSide ladder drop detailRoll rib hem detailExposed side ladder drop detailMaterial: 100% AcrylicCare: Machine washable Imported

Interested in owning these Leggings? Which by the way were on sale the last time I was in sears!! Click on the picture and it will take you to the sears website where you can purchase them yourself.

Womens Sleeveless Seamed Denim Dress

Diagonal seams provide extra texture for this casual denim A-line women's dress by Danny & Nicole.

How cute is this dress? I love the fact that it’s simple clean cut denim dress that is easy to wear to work and then out for a night on the town.

The best part is it is only 19.99 at sears! such a steal. If your interested in purchasing the dress click on the picture and it will take you straight to the sears website. By the way a lot of the sears products are currently on sale too.


Do these bags appear to be the same?

The Kardashian Kollection hit sears this week and the bag from the collection looks a lot like the Boltkier’s Clyde bag which is on the left.

Botkier has sent Sears a cease and desist letter from the CFDA’s “you can’t fake fashion” campaign against counterfiters.

Not surprising the bag has been removed from sears website.