The High End of Couture…Ikram in Chicago

Chicago has some wonderful shopping spots, this past weekend I accidently walked into a store called IKRAM located at 873 North Rush Street. I was completely shocked at how amazing their selection was. Ikram carries some of the most well known designers including Alexander McQueen, Thakoon, Chanel, Rodarte and more.

I highly recommended this store if your in Chicago. Totally worth a peek.

From RCTEES on

What a fun store! RCTEES has a unique selection of graphic based prints for your picking! Too see more about them click on the link below.

Finding the Zazzle in me…

So I wrote about this wonderful online store that lets you customize products to your liking.

I discovered though that I could implement my own illustrations into products. Im excited to share my own zazzle store with you all! To check it out click on the link below.


Get to know Andrea Cook aka Atelier28 on

Andrea Cook creates these fabulous little miniature illustrations and paintings that are available on her website. Their is something peaceful about them that I love. For more information about her click on the link below.

I’ve included some of my favorites from her etsy store. Enjoy!

Get to know bluebellbazaar’s on

bluebellbazaar’s store on is absolutely fantastic. I love it! Check out the unique items that are sold here at