The Best of 2010 A year in review… A Chic Direction’s Top Ten Blog Posts


1.House of Noyes Jewelry: My little sister makes fabulous jewelry that she sells at You guys made her the number one most looked at article on my site.


2.  My own Illustrations: Thanks for making my illustrations the number two most clicked on article for this year! I love sharing my drawings with you all.

3. La Tete Bandit: You made my youngest sisters post the third most clicked on article from A Chic Direction. She makes wonderful headbands that are different and unique.

4. For the inner nerd: Star wars swim suits. Nerds love fashion too right? well this post was number 4 for the most clicked on link of the year.

5.  Chicago shopping Sarca: Got to love the store SARCA in Chicago. They offer fabulous clothing and jewelry to purchase. This was the fifth most clicked on post of the year.

6.  Kate Middelton Dresses: When W magazine challanges designers they all come with their best ideas. This was the sixth most clicked on article of the year.  These designs are just plain fabulous!

7. The Color Wheel: The history behind the color wheel was the 7th most clicked on article for the year. Check out the interesting information below.

8. Get to know: Mariano Fortuny: This  was the 8th most clicked on post for Achicdirection this year. I found this guys work to be absolutely fabulous and classic. Love his stuff.

9. Get to know Bailey, David was number 9 out of 10 on the most clicked on posts of the year. What a amazing fashion photographer!

10. Fabulous Designer: Etienne Drian. What a amazing Illustrator. I aspire to do work like he does. This was the 10th most clicked on post of the year.


Hope you enjoy my year in review! I thought it was really interesting to share what made the top ten posts for 2010.